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Your hotel’s reputation is the single most important factor when guests choose where they will spend their nights away from home. Pests can effect your hotel’s reputation and impact your revenue and reputation. The pest control service we provide through our partners is fully customized blend many years of service to the hospitality industry with high best practice standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

We have the following covered for your esteemed hotel :

Restaurants, Kitchen and Dining Areas

Hotel kitchens, restaurants, and other dining areas pose a high risk of pest infestation. These areas of your establishment are inspected by health inspectors and require a proactive pest management program, including regular inspections for flies, rodents, and cockroaches.

Guest Rooms & Suites

Assuring guests have a positive experience is top priority. Maintaining the availability of rooms is also a priority. With the incidence of Bed bugs on the rise, our Pest Control service offers a comprehensive Bed Bug Management Program, including staff training to recognize the signs of bed bugs in guest rooms.

The Zone Risk Map for Hotels details what areas pose considerable risk to your hotel, as well as the pests presenting the potential risk.

Fitness & Spa

Hotel fitness areas are notoriously prone flying insects and cockroaches due to the humid environment. Our Pest Control Service Technician will maintain a routine schedule to prevent pests in your hotel’s fitness and spa areas.

Hotel Grounds

Our comprehensive hotel pest management program covers the hotel grounds to ensure your hotel’s reputation and your peace of mind are protected.

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